Is the host list transferable to other?
The host contact list is issued for each WWOOFer. It is not transferable and should not be used by 3rd party. If this happened, the WWOOFer will lose his/her membership.

What Identity documents do I need to show to the host after arrival?
WWOOFers are encourage to bring membership card, and your ID (passport or driver’s license) with you when you visit a host. You need to present them on arrival.

Do I need to Inform for your pick up arrangement?
Yes, write an an email to the host or to us, or through watsapp (+2348066690495) we will see what we can do for you. We will try to pick you up and if not possible, we will guide everything by email. You just read our email and follow up, we guide you how to reach to the host.

How many hours do I have to do work per day?
You are expected to exchange about 4-6 hours per day of your time. Make sure to help hosts with a positive attitude. Also in Nigeria

What precaution, do I need to make while I am with the host?
Ask your host’s permission before you use facilities such as refrigerator, telephone, or computer. Also, try to save water and electricity while staying at a host.

What foods do I get while WWOOFing?
You are expected to eat the food provided by your host. If you are on a special diet, please bring your own food.

What about smoking and drinking?

Smoking and drinking are generally restricted on the farm site without hosts’ permission.

What type of help do I get during an accident?
In case you get in any kinds of an accident on the farm, ask to the host for help. Don’t try to solve the problem only by yourself.

What types of Item I have to carry while WWOOFing?
Bring suitable clothes and shoes / personal items like an alarm clock, mosquito net, soap, and toothpaste & brush when you go WWOOFing.

Do I get vegetarian food while WWOOFING?
Normally, the host gives you general traditional Nigeria food. If you are vegetarian just simply tell the host that you do not eat meat.

How Do I pay for my WWOOF Nigeria membership?
Online through our website, International bank transfer, Western Union and direct deposit in our bank.

 Please read our website, brochure for more information and write us an email for any queries or clarification before to join us.

Do I need insurance?
WWOOF Nigeria recommends you to purchase insurance covering in Nigeria and wherever else you travel. We are not responsible for any loss, injury or damage to yourself or you caused.

Can I share my WWOOF host list with my partner or with other travelers?
No. The Host list is provided to you under the condition that it’s not shared. Only WWOOF Nigeria members may be hosted at the farms listed.

Does WWOOF Nigeria have a dual membership?
Yes, we do. Yes, a single person has to pay $ 50 and two-person traveling together need to pay $ 80 as said on the website.

Do children pay a membership fee?
No. Adults traveling with children must also pay for the membership of the adult. Not all the hosts accept guests with children, so be sure to check with your host or to us before making arrangements.

Do I just show up at the farm of my choice?
No. You need to first contact the host of your choice and verify that they can host you on the dates you want.

How long can I stay on the farm?
Each farm has different minimum and maximum lengths of stay. They generally run from one week to several months. Check with your host and be sure to establish the length of your stay before you arrive. However, the length of your stay can be always negotiable with the host.

Who can join WWOOF Nepal?

Anyone with a valid passport and visa. WWOOF Nigeria will not issue memberships to anyone attempting to get work or immigration visas or intending to illegally enter Nigeria or any other country.

Can WWOOF Nigeria help me get a visa?
Yes. WWOOF Nigeria does this under special arrangement, we are travel agency, we only support our WWOOFer with documentation under special arrangement.

What type of visa do I need for WWoofing?
Normally you come on a tourist visa and the government of Nigeria gives you such visa at the Nigeria embassy in your count, but tourist visa is fast and easy and for Wwoofing it has no problem at all even if you come on a tourist visa.

What types of Works are included in the WWOOFing?
Organic farming development, , watching and talking local Tribe, jungle walking, boating, cutting, cleaning, cooking, writing, teaching, meditating, English teaching, Learning Nigerian lessons, visiting villages and making friend, helping as a fundraiser, tree planting, swimming, playing with children , helping marriage celebration and many more fun activities.

What is included in your membership fees?

Nothing. All over the world WWOOF membership fees is in the standard rate and nothing included, everything you have to make your own.

Will I be able to meet other WWOOFERS while WWOOFing?

It is a chance and if you want to meet other WWoofers please let us know.

Is there any way I get refund my membership fees?

No, not at all.

Is this a legitimate WWOOF Organization?
Of course, yes. We established WWOOF Nigeria in 2010 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. WWOOF Nigeria is also member of Federation of WWOOF organization.

Can I pay membership fees after my coming to Nigeria?

Possible. But we always prefer at least 2 to 3 months ago so that we can manage everything.

Does WWOOF Nigeria help WWOOFERS to make joining to the host?
Yes, we do. Once you give us the host number, we can contact the host and tell them about your coming.

Is it difficult to contact the host? Do hosts in Nigeria speak English?
Not really. They speak simply English. That is why WWOOF Nigeria helps you to make you joining Community as per WWOOF Nigeria guidelines.

Why Join WWOOF Nigeria rather than other Volunteer organization?

WWOOF specializes in linking people who are passionate about healthy food, healthy living, and a healthy planet. Join us, show us your support for the organic movement and start learning (or sharing) ways of living a more sustainable life. As a member, you will be plugged into an international network of like-minded people and ready to offer local advice and support.

I want to Volunteer in several different countries? Is there any international membership?
There is no international WWOOF membership number. WWOOF is a network of local organizations providing a local and friendly service that speaks the local language.

How do I become a WWOOF Host?
If you have a farm, small holdings and garden Please write us an email through the contact page or write directly at  to get complete information and an application form, we will guide you completely.

Can you help me to get a job?
No, we can’t. Please note WWOOF is not a work agency. Please keep in mind that WWOOF is not a paid work. WWOOF is a cultural and educational exchange.

How old do I have to be to go WWOOFing?
If you are 16, you can come for WWOOFING in Nigeria.

Am I too old to go WWOOFing?
There is no maximum age. In fact, many hosts prefer mature WWOOFers who have specific skills.

Will you sponsor my trip?

We cannot help with travel cost to/from a farm. All travel cost is your responsibility.

How much will it cost to go WWOOFing?

Ensure you budget the following. Subscription fees to WWOOF in the country. All travel expenses, including travel to WWOOF country, and travel to/from between host farms, accommodation en route, insurance, toiletries/ medicine, mobile phone/ internet access, day trips/ treats. If you don’t have study working boots, and a sleeping bag. Please note, Nigerian host family gives you traditional bed as well.

Do I need to speak the local language?
No. in Nigeria hosts normally speaks English and you should communicate with very basic English.

Can I WWOOF with my friends?
Yes, but be careful paying the membership fees. You need to pay relevant fees for your friend too. If you include your single membership fees to your friend to the host, it is completely illegal. If there’s any confusion, please write us an email at 

How can I contact WWOOF Nepal in Emergency?
Please write an email, we check and monitor emails 24/7. Even though we are not responsible for such measure, we will try our best to help you. Please call Ben at +234 8066690495 for any assistance.