World Wide Opportunities on Organic farms (WWOOF) is an organic movement promoting organic farming system globally, WWOOF has physical presence in over 100 countries, WWOOF Nigeria start its operation 2010 and today has trained over 25,000 registered farmers in Nigeria and Benin Republic with the support from Vantage Organic foods, india.

Our core of operation is to sensitize the farmers about principles of organic farming and enlightened them about food production system that is conscious of environment and consumers. WWOOF Nigeria partners with Vantage Organic foods, Indian to enroll, train and organized farmers in Nigeria under growers group for Organic certification on international standard.

Our team are ready to work with any Public or private institution on capacity building and training on ecological farming system. We train, prepare and coordinate small scale farmers for organic certification of international standards NOP, ANOP, Bio-Swiss, JAS, EU, US, Kor. Are you a natural out grower and are interested in organic certification to access international market, Contact your to make it easier for you. . +234 8066690495.