What is a WWOOFer? 
Someone visiting a WWOOF host (organic farmer/grower) to lend a hand to learn about sustainable agriculture.

​Immerse yourself in local culture, sharing in family, community, and tourist activities while receiving free meals and accommodation.

Gain practical knowledge in biological farming and sustainable living on farms, ranches, homesteads, family gardens, orchards, vineyards, urban gardens, co-operatives, and others – all sharing the WWOOF philosophy.

Please keep in mind that WWOOF is not paid work; hosts do not offer monetary compensation.
You will make a great WWOOFer if you are:

  • Genuinely interested in and are passionate about organic farming and sustainable living.
  • Eager to learn and excited to contribute to the global agroecological movement.
  • Willing to partake in the physical demands involved in farming.
  • Interested in meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Enthusiastic to experience the ‘real’ locals rural lifestyle, meet and live with locals families.

Length of visit can vary from a single day to several months. Children and pets are welcome at many farms, just be sure to ask the host farmer before arriving. You can use our advanced search options in the online directory to find the right host for you. If you are under 18 years of age, a legal guardian must accompany you and be the account holder